Assistant Professor

1987, University of Giessen

Office phone number: 
+30 2810 394367
Lab phone number: 
+30 2810 394366
+30 2810 394404
Ε 215 (Biology building)
Ε 211 (Biology building)

Scientific interests

Plant molecular virology. See also IMBB home page.

Recent publications

  • Dalakouras, A., Tzanopoulou, M., Tsagris, M., Wassenegger, M., Kalantidis, K. Hairpin transcription does not necessarily lead to efficient triggering of the RNAi pathway (2011) Transgenic Research, 20 (2), pp. 293-304.
  • Kotakis, C., Vrettos, N., Kotsis, D., Tsagris, M., Kotzabasis, K., Kalantidis, K. Light intensity affects RNA silencing of a transgene in Nicotiana benthamiana plants(2010) BMC Plant Biology, p. 220.
  • Vachev, T., Ivanova, D., Minkov, I., Tsagris, M., Gozmanova, M. Trafficking of the Potato spindle tuber viroid between tomato and Orobanche ramosa(2010) Virology, 399 (2), pp.187-193.
  • Girgis, S.M., Bem, F.P., Dovas, C.I., Sclavounos, A., Avgelis, A.D., Tsagris, M., Katis, N., Kyriakopoulou, P.E.Characterisation of a novel ilarvirus causing Grapevine angular mosaic disease(2009) European Journal of Plant Pathology, 125 (2), pp. 203-211.
  • Manoussopoulos, I.N., Tsagris, M. Native electrophoresis and western blot analysis: method and applications.(2009) Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 536, pp. 277-287.