Associate Professor

2003, Rosalind Franklin, Medical School of Chicago

Office phone number: 
+30 2810 394071
Lab phone number: 
+30 2810 394442, +30 2810 394051
+30 2810 394408
Γ 316d (Biology building)
Γ 326 (Biology building)

Full CV

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Scientific interests

1) The role of inhibition in cortical information processing

2) The role of intrinsic excitability on learning and memory  
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Recent publications

  • D.P. Ryan, K.S. Henzel, B.L. Pearson, M.E. Siwek, A. Papazoglou, K. Paesler, R. Müller, K. Xie, S. Schröder, L. Becker, L. Garrett, S.M. Hölter, F. Neff, I. Rácz, B. Rathkolb4, J. Rozman, G. Ehninger, M. Klingenspor, T. Klopstock, E. Wolf, W. Wurst, A. Zimmer, H. Fuchs, V. Gailus-Durner, M.H. de Angelis, K. Sidiropoulou, M. Weiergräber, and D. Ehninger, A paternal methyl donor-rich diet altered cognitive and neural functions in offspring mice, Molecular Psychiatry, Apr 4. doi: 10.1038/mp.2017.53. [Epub ahead of print]
  • E. Georgiou, K. Sidiropoulou, J. Richter, C. Papaneophytou, I. Sargiannidou, A. Kagiava, G. von Jonquieres, C. Christodoulou, M. Klugmann, K. Kleopas (2017) Gene therapy targeting oligodendrocytes provides therapeutic benefit in a leukodystrophy model, Brain, Jan 18. pii: aww351. doi: 10.1093/brain/aww351
  • X. Konstantoudaki, K. Chalkiadaki, S. Tivodar, D. Karagogeos and K. Sidiropoulou (2016) Impaired synaptic plasticity in the prefrontal cortex of mice with developmentally decreased numbers of interneurons, Neuroscience. 2016 Feb 26. pii: S0306-4522(16)00188-3. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2016.02.048.
  • X. Konstantoudaki, A. Papoutsi, K. Chalkiadaki, P. Poirazi and K. Sidiropoulou (2014) Modulatory effects of inhibition in a cortical microcircuit model, Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 8:7. doi: 10.3389/fncir.2014.00007.
  • K. Sidiropoulou and P. Poirazi (2012) Predictive features of persistent activity emergence in regular spiking and intrinsic bursting model neurons, PLoS Comput Biol, 8(4):e1002489.
  • K. Sidiropoulou, E.D. Ozkan, M. Fowler, F.J. White, C. Philips, and D.C. Cooper (2009) Dopamine modulates an mGluR5-induced depolarization underlying prefrontal persistent activity, Nature Neuroscience, 2009, 12(2): 190-199