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Athanassakis Irene Professor
Avgoustaki Pagona Secretariat
Bazopoulou Daphne Assistant Professor
Bervanaki Efrosini Secretariat
Chalepakis George Professor
Delidakis Christos Professor
Dokianaki Despina Teaching & Technical Support Staff
Dramoundani Maria Technical Assistants and Laboratory Staff
Fanouraki Eleftheria Teaching & Technical Support Staff
Garinis George Professor
Gizeli Electra Professor
Gompoitsos Athanassios Teaching & Technical Support Staff
Kalantidis Kriton Professor
Karakassis Ioannis Professor
Keklikoglou Ioanna Assistant Professor
Kotzabasis Kiriakos Professor
Kouimtzoglou Elena Technical Assistants and Laboratory Staff
Koumoundouros George Professor
Koutraki Maria Teaching Assistant
Kyriakidi Sofia Secretariat
Ladoukakis Emmanuel Associate Professor
Lika Konstadia Associate Professor
Maraveya Eleni Secretariat
Moschou Panagiotis Associate Professor
Papadaki Anastasia Teaching & Technical Support Staff
Papadaki Georgia Secretariat
Papadakis George Technical Assistants and Laboratory Staff
Papadakis Nektarios Computer & NET support
Papadakis Stefanos Employees on unlimited-term contracts
Papadogiorgaki Sevasti Teaching & Technical Support Staff
Papadogiorgaki Sevasti Teaching & Technical Support Staff
Papadopoulos Dimitrios Associate Professor
Pavlidis Michael Professor
Petropoulos Kostas Technical Assistants and Laboratory Staff
Pirintsos Stergios Professor
Poulakakis Nikolaos Professor
Sarris Panagiotis Assistant Professor
Siakavara Aikaterini Teaching & Technical Support Staff
Siakouli-Galanopoulou Alexandra Teaching Assistant
Sidiropoulou Kiriaki Associate Professor
Smyrnaki Maria
Spilianakis Charalampos Associate Professor
Tselepidis Anastasios Professor
Tzamarias Dimitrios Professor
Vlataki Tzovana Secretariat
Zachos George Associate Professor
Εfthimiou Konstantinos Technical Assistants and Laboratory Staff

Biology department

The Department of Biology of the University of Crete was established in 1981 and is today an internationally recognized center for contemporary university education and research in the field of Biology.

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