Assistant Professor

2009, University of Crete

Office phone number: 
+30 2810-394363
Lab phone number: 
+30 2810-394052
Γ 208γ (Biology Dept. Bldg)

Full CV

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Scientific interests

Oxidative stress; Redox signaling during aging and host-microbe interactions. Aging of the nervous system and amyloid-induced pathologies in C. elegans. Microfluidics for nervous system and behavioral studies in small model organisms.

Recent publications

1. Oleson B.J., Bazopoulou D., Jakob U. Shaping longevity early in life: developmental ROS and H3K4me3 set the clock. Cell Cycle 2021 Oct 17;1-11.

2. Beydoun S., Choi H. - S., Dela-Cruz G., Kruempel J., Huang S., Bazopoulou D., Miller H., Evans C., Leiser S.-F. An alternative food source for metabolism, drug, and longevity studies in C. elegans. Communications Biology 2021 Feb 26;4(1):258.

3. Kim M., Knoefler D., Quarles E., Jakob U., Bazopoulou D. Automated phenotyping and lifespan assessment of a C. elegans model of Parkinson's disease. Translational Medicine of Aging 2020 Volume 4: 38-44.

4. Bazopoulou D., Knoefler D., Zheng Y., Ulrich K., Oleson B.J., Xie L., Kim M., Kaufmann A., Lee Y-T, Dou Y., Chen Y., Quan S., Jakob U. Developmental ROS individualizes stress resistance and lifespan. Nature 2019 Dec 576(7786):301-305.

5. Bazopoulou D., Chaudhury A.R., A, Pantazis A., Chronis N. An automated compound screening for anti-aging effects on the function of C. elegans sensory neurons. Scientific Reports 2017 Aug 24; 7:9403.

6. Dahl J.U., Gray M.J., Bazopoulou D., Beaufay F., Lempart J., Koenigsknecht M.J., Wang Y., Baker J.R., Hasler W.L., Young V.B., Sun D., Jakob U. The anti-inflammatory drug mesalamine targets bacterial polyphosphate accumulation. Nature Microbiology 2017 Jan 23;2: 16267.