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Topics on Cell Cycle and Differentiation

Winter Semester
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Objectives of the course (preferably expressed in terms of learning outcomes and competences):  Learning the basic principles of cell cycle progression and the molecular components controlling the eukaryotic cell cycle (mechanisms for activation, inhibition and ckeckpoint mechanisms).

Course contents:   Cell cycle controlling mechanisms. Introduction, cell cycle phases, MPF, cyclins (early embryos, animal cells). Yeasts as model systems to study cell cycle, cdc mutations. Regulatory factors for entrance, progression and exit through mitosis, G1 and S phases in S. pombe and S. cerevisiae. How regulated proteolysis leads the cell cycle. Multiple controls of cell cycle phases (genetic and biochemical analysis). Cell division control in multicellular organisms. Kinase-cyclin dimers (Cdks), Cdk inhibitors (Ckis), growth factors, tumor  suppressors Rb and p53. Cell culture characteristics. S phase (DNA replication) controlling mechanisms. Checkpoints in the cell cycle of yeasts and mammals (mitosis, DNA damage). Alternative topic: Differentiation pathways in S. cerevisiae

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