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When Biochemistry meets Epigenetics

Spring Semester
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  • An introduction to Epigenetics
  • Biochemical mechanisms of Epigenetics DNA methylation, recognition of methylated CpG, demethylation in mammals, histone modifications, non-coding RNAs, microRNAs, the effect of chromosome organization, mechanisms of polycomb proteins
  • Biochemical approaches to study Epigenetics Analysis of tissue-specific DNA methylation, methods for assessing genome-wide DNA methylation, methylation of Lysine-9 of Histone H3: role in heterochromatin modulation and tumorigenesis, chromatin modifications distinguish genomic features and physical organization of the nucleus, assessing epigenetic information
  • Model Organisms of Epigenetics Eukaryotic microbes, Drosophila, mouse models of epigenetic inheritance, epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in plants
  • Metabolism and Epigenetics
  • Functions of Epigenetics Stem Cells and cellular differentiation, Epigenetic basis of skeletal muscle regeneration, X Chromosome Inactivation, genomic imprinting, Epigenetics of memory processes, transgenerational Epigenetics, aging Epigenetics
  • Evolutionary Epigenetics Epigenetics in adaptive evolution and development
  • Epigenetic Epidemiology The Effects of diet on Epigenetic processes, environmental agents and Epigenetics, impact of microbial infections on the human Epigenome and carcinogenesis, population pharmacoepigenomics
  • Epigenetics and Human Disease Cancer Epigenetics, the role of Epigenetics in Immune disorders, Epigenetics of brain disorders, complex metabolic syndromes and Epigenetics, clinical applications of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors

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