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English IV

D Semester
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Objectives of the course (preferably expressed in terms of learning outcomes and competences The objectives of this course are to enable Biology students to construct and use summaries and abstracts in scientific papers, to write and read a scientific paper for publication, to structure and phrase a laboratory report, to effectively write letters and discernible explanations of graphs and charts, to successfully follow and give instructions and explain procedures. Other objectives of this course include our students’ being able to compile, filter and edit information, write a cohesive and coherent first draft and choose appropriate language. Our students eventually will be using the principles of technical writing to present their message effectively in high impact language and they will improve accuracy, brevity, and readability of their writing.

Course contents: Reading, listening, paragraph structuring, introduction to different mediums of writing for professional and educational use (articles, abstracts, CVs, application forms, covering letters, reviews, essays, commentaries), practising various skills related to  academic writing (coherence & cohesion, hedging, formality, complexity in sentence structure, argumentative and informative language), citing resources – CBE Manual Style and preparing oral presentations.

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The Department of Biology of the University of Crete was established in 1981 and is today an internationally recognized center for contemporary university education and research in the field of Biology.

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