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Protein Biotechnology and proteomics are exciting and fast- growing areas of research, with numerous industrial applications. The Department of Biology at the University of Crete is offering a new interdisciplinary program focusing on these areas, so that graduate level education stays at the forefront of modern developments in biosciences.

This program is offered jointly with the Department of Chemistry. Important innovations of the program include the organization of summer courses, focusing on the latest developments in the rapidly advancing field of proteomics and the establishment of close links with international companies to provide students with an opportunity to learn about applications of their research. This program will also interact closely with other international graduate programs to encourage the exchange to teachers and students.

The inter-disciplinary Postgraduate Program in Protein Biotechnology is focused in areas of great importance of today. The great challenge of contemporary Biotechnology is found in the characterization of properties of proteins & their development in industrial applications, in development of pharmacies, in treatment of diseases, in agriculture & the environment.





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