Undergraduate Studies


The goals of the Undergraduate Programme, at the Department of Biology, are:

  • Conformity with the contemporary concepts of Biological Sciences.
  • High level and quality, according to international standards, and proper combination of depth and breadth.
  • Applied orientation with emphasis on experimental and laboratory education.


Postgraduate Studies


  • Residency of four (4) semesters. After acceptance by the supervising professor and approval by the Committee Graduate Studies Committee it is possible to extend the duration of studies by up to two (2) semesters.  
  • Successful completion of courses totalling 200 teaching hours credits.  
  • Completion of 3 laboratory stages of 3 months each (rotations). Students are expected to complete a small research project during each rotation.  
  • Completion of a research project. The graduate project must be original or demonstrate a good knowledge and in-depth understanding of a specialized topic of current research or technical interest.