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Cell Growth, Proliferation and Cancer

Winter Semester
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Για τη λήψη του παραπάνω μαθήματος συνιστάται η επιτυχής παρακολούθηση των υποχρεωτικών μαθημάτων Κυτταρική Βιολογία, Μοριακή Βιολογία, Γενετική Ι και Γενετική ΙΙ.
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Objectives of the course (preferably expressed in terms of learning outcomes and competences):  To understand the cell biology of carcinogenesis and learn about recent advances in cancer therapy.

Course contents: Introduction in tumourigenesis: proto-oncogenes, oncogenes and oncosupressors; mutagenesis, immortalisation and carcinogenesis; cell cycle control in vertebrate cells; The mitotic spindle checkpoint; Membrane receptors and signal transduction pathways: the ERK, JNK p38MAPK and PI3 kinase pathways; Chromatin remodelling in carcinogenesis; DNA damage and responses;  DNA repair pathways: mismatch repair, nucleotide excision repair, base excision repair, homologous recombination and non-homologous end-joining;  Programmed cell death;  Replicative senescence; Recent advances in cancer therapy.

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